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What is the Fanatics Sportsbook Kentucky promo?

The Fanatics Sportsbook Kentucky promo is $200 in FanCash following your first $10 wager with the bookie for each of your first five days on the platform. Example: Register for a new account, verify your information, make a real-money deposit, place a wager of $10 or more each day for five days, and receive $200 in FanCash ($40/day for five days). You won't need to opt-in on Day One, but you will for days 2-5.

Fanatics KY Bonus

Sign-up bonus: $1000 in Bonus Bets
Promo code: No code needed
Minimum deposit: $10
Last updated: April 2024

Sportsbook overview

Sportsbook: Fanatics
Legal in Kentucky: Yes
Partner in Kentucky: Oak Grove Racing Gaming & Hotel
Payment methods:

How can I join Fanatics in Kentucky and claim their bonus?

Now that Fanatics has arrived in Kentucky, joining is a simple process that shouldn’t take you more than 10 minutes to complete. Here’s what you’ll need to do.

  1. Enter your account information: To get started, use the link at the top of this page to access the registration form. From there, you’ll need to enter a username, email address, and account password. You may also be asked to include a phone number at this step for two-factor authentication.
  2. Enter your personal information: After that, Fanatics will need your personal information to verify your identity and eligibility. At this step, you’ll be prompted to provide your legal first and last name, street address (no P.O. boxes), the last four digits of your Social Security number, and your date of birth. This information will be encrypted at all times, as failure to comply with rigid cybersecurity standards would cause Fanatics to lose its licensure.
  3. Fund your account: The third thing you’ll need to do is make a deposit with the method of your choosing. While Fanatics hasn’t yet announced what banking methods will be available in Kentucky, there are a few that will be near-universally accepted. We’ll go into more detail below.
  4. Place a qualifying bet: Once the sportsbook announces its betting bonus offer, you may need to place an eligible wager of a minimum amount or in a certain betting market.

Terms and conditions for the Fanatics bonus

The Fanatics Sportsbook Kentucky bonus consists of $200 in FanCash, disbursed over five days in $40 increments. Here are some of the terms and conditions for the Fanatics welcome bonus:

  • Players don't need to opt-in on the first day of the offer but will need to opt-in on days 2-5.
  • FanCash is awarded within 72 hours of placing a wager of at least $10 at the sportsbook each day.
  • There are no restrictions on the sport or market.
  • FanCash is awarded regardless of the outcome of the qualifying bet.
  • The promo offer is available to new players only
  • Fanatics reserves the right to change or modify the welcome bonus at any time with or without notice.

Where can I find the newest Fanatics Kentucky promotions?

When you open the sportsbook app on your mobile device or go to their website and click on the promotionstab, you’ll be able to find a list of the newest Fanatics Kentucky offers. Additionally, if you check in with KYBetting.com, we’ll list the latest bonuses with easy-to-understand terms and conditions to make qualifying a breeze.

What kind of bonus does Fanatics offer?

Fanatics' welcome bonus consists of $200 in FanCash, paid out in $40 increments over five days following a player's first wager of $10 or more each of those days. Players won't need to opt-in on the first day of the bonus, but they will on days 2-5.

FanCash can be used for bonus bets (of at least $10) at the sportsbook or to make purchases at Fanatics' merchandise outlets. Any unused FanCash in your account will expire at the end of the calendar year unless otherwise notes.

Yes, Fanatics Sportsbook is legal and licensed in Kentucky. Fanatics has acquired PointsBet’s U.S. operations and is converting three sportsbooks per month from until May 2024.

Best sports leagues you can gamble on using Fanatics Sportsbook KY

To keep pace with other sportsbooks in KY, Fanatics offers a wide range of sports markets. Here are some of the best sports leagues available to Kentucky gamblers.

  • College basketball: College basketball is the most-watched sport in Kentucky by a rather large margin. With the Kentucky Wildcats as a blue-blood program and Louisville a perennial contender, the state legislature made the correct call in allowing sports bets on in-state collegiate athletics.
  • NFL: Football is the most popular sport in the U.S. According to the American Gaming Association (AGA), nearly 20% of Americans planned to place a bet on the NFL during the 2022-23 season. As sports betting becomes more widespread, this number will only increase.
  • NHL: While hockey isn’t as popular as some of the other Kentucky sports, it’s worth mentioning here that Fanatics will be taking over the NHL’s jersey production starting in the 2024-25 season. As such, we expect the bookmaker to put an emphasis on NHL betting to support its partnership.
  • Horse racing: You can’t talk about popular sports in Kentucky without mentioning horse racing. All sports betting operators must partner with an existing track, so Fanatics must establish a relationship with a track to enter the market.
  • MLB: Kentucky does not have a Major League Baseball team, but many people in the state root for the Cincinnati Reds because Louisville and Lexington are just 90 minutes from Cincy.

The Fanatics mobile betting app in Kentucky

Fanatics is licensed and operating in Kentucky so you can download and use the KY betting app right now. While the bookmaker is converting PointsBet’s platforms to fit under the Fanatics umbrella in other states, the company is operating in Kentucky in an app-only platform.

Furthermore, the company is planning to offer one version of the app rather than a unique platform for every state. This will make placing a bet while traveling far easier.

How to download the Fanatics app on iOS

Downloading the Fanatics app on your iOS device is quick and easy. Here’s what you’ll need to do to get started.

  1. Open the app store on your iOS device and log in with your Apple ID and
  2. password.
    Search for “Fanatics Sportsbook.” Note that Fanatics has a retail store app as well, so including “Sportsbook” is important.
  3. Press “Get” then “Install.”

After the download completes, you’ll be able to log in with your Fanatics Sportsbook credentials or create a new account if necessary.

How to download the Fanatics app on Android

Fanatics’ sportsbook app won’t be limited to Apple users. Here’s how you can download the app on your Android device.

  1. Open the Google Play Store on your Android device.
  2. Navigate to “Fanatics Sportsbook” from the search bar.
  3. Press “Install” and let the download run.

After the installation finishes, you’ll be able to sign up for a new Fanatics Sportsbook account or log in using your existing username and password.

Fanatics KY payment options

Fanatics has yet to publicly announce what payment methods will be available at the sportsbook, but based on its merchandise platforms and the partnerships PointsBet has in place, the following are all methods we expect to be available.


  • Debit card: Visa and Mastercard are near-universally accepted deposit options at legal, licensed sportsbooks. Fanatics also allows Discover, but all of these options are for debit only, as credit cards aren't accepted on the platform.
  • Apple Pay: E-wallets are quick and convenient, but this won’t be an option for Android users. Still, Apple Pay isn’t a particularly common method in the sports betting industry, so that could be a point in Fanatics’ favor among iOS users.
  • Online banking: Linking your bank account to your Fanatics Sportsbook account is a great way to avoid hassle and headaches when funding your bankroll. You won’t have to fuss around with multiple passwords and logins, and after linking the first time, the process speeds up so you can move your money even faster.


  • Cash: Cash is only available for in-person transactions, so it isn’t always the most practical option. However, once you’ve submitted a withdrawal request, it is often the quickest way to get money in your hand. Just remember to bring a government-issued photo ID with you when going to a retail location to make a withdrawal.
  • PayPal: Like Apple Pay, PayPal is an e-wallet designed to make your banking easier. However, PayPal is more commonly accepted given its longer history than Apple Pay, Venmo, and other digital options.
  • Wire transfer: Wire transfers are only feasible if you’re moving larger amounts of money, as many sportsbooks require a minimum $1,000 increment for each transaction. However, they are a very safe and secure option, and if you’re moving that much money, it will be worth the wait.

Customer support at Fanatics Sportsbook Kentucky

Fanatics’ customer service on the merchandise side doesn’t have the most glowing reputation, so it will be a good thing if the sportsbook side is isolated for support. A 24/7 support chat is available and can connect you to a real person if needed (we found it somewhat helpful but often needed to get in touch with a person on the support team).

Email: [email protected]
Telephone Number: 800-254-0320
Mailing Address: PO Box 551702, 4150 Belfort Rd., Jacksonville, FL 32216

Our expert opinion on Fanatics Sportsbook Kentucky

In our expert opinion, Fanatics Sportsbook Kentucky is a reasonable alternative to other sportsbooks in the state, and we look forward to seeing how the fledgling operator competes in the emerging KY market. The integration with Fanatics' merchandise platform is an intriguing angle, and if the sportsbook quality stays high without devolving into another merch-purchasing vessel, the bookmaker could have a winner on its hands.

We particularly appreciate Fanatics' decision to launch with live streaming of NFL action directly through the app. Industry trends are moving toward this being a necessity for betting operators instead of a limited feature, so Fanatics is ahead of the curve in its implementation.

However, there are still a couple of areas we would like to see immediate improvement. Because the sportsbook only runs through an app-based system, there isn't a web-based FAQ section or organized help center, and even in the app, it's hard to navigate to support pages. We'd also like to see more of the focus on betting-related content and not just pushing the merchandise sales.

Our rating of Fanatics Sportsbook Kentucky


Welcome bonus
Payment options
Sportsbook app
Variety & features
Customer support

KY Betting has given Fanatics Sportsbook Kentucky an overall rating of 3 out of 5. The overall rating has been based on these factors:

  • Welcome bonus: Rating 4/5. Fanatics' welcome bonus does a decent job of balancing upfront costs with the bonus amount, and the flexibility to use FanCash for bonus bets or Fanatics merch is a unique concept. However, requiring the opt-in for 80% of the promo period could lead to customers missing out on part of the deal if there aren't any favorable lines they want to play during the offer.
  • Payment options: Rating 4/5. There's nothing groundbreaking on the payment options side, method variety is fairly reasonable.
  • Sportsbook app: Rating 3/5. The app isn't the easiest to navigate, especially if you're looking for support with your wagers. The display has a decent aesthetic, but we did encounter the screen jumping a bit while browsing the lines.
  • Variety and features: Rating 3/5. Fanatics offers markets for 14 sports, covering the most popular options to North American bettors but leaving some of the more niche sports to the wayside. FanCash is an interesting way to have more flexibility in betting rewards, but it remains to be seen what percentage of FanCash is split for sportsbook bonuses compared to Fanatics merchandise.
  • Customer support: Rating 3/5. It can be a bit of a challenge to find even the most basic of information about the sportsbook, and the support chat, while convenient, is most likely to direct you to a customer service rep.


What is BetFanatics?

BetFanatics is the trademarked term for Fanatics’ betting operations. Fanatics Sportsbook applies solely to sports betting, but by using the “BetFanatics” umbrella, the company can open itself up to horse racing and online casino spaces in the future if the sportsbook enterprise is successful.

Will Fanatics have any retail betting venues in KY?

Fanatics has not yet announced any retail betting venues in KY. However, as part of obtaining a sports betting operator license, the company will need to have some form of land-based partner in Kentucky before launching.

Will a promo code be required to claim the Fanatics bonus?

No, a promo code will not be required to claim the Fanatics bonus. The welcome bonus will automatically apply once you create your sportsbook account and opt-in during the promo period.

What is the link between Fanatics and PointsBet?

Fanatics is taking over PointsBet’s U.S.-based sports betting platforms after the former completed a purchase agreement in August 2023. As a result, between August 2023 and May 2024, Fanatics has been converting the PointsBet platforms at a rate of three states per month.

When can I bet on Fanatics in Kentucky?

Fanatics is live in Kentucky, so players are now able to sign up with the sportsbook and begin placing their wagers. You can register directly from this page to secure the best welcome bonus available!

How old do you have to be to play at Fanatics KY?

Under state laws, you will have to be at least 21 years old to play at Fanatics KY once the operator begins accepting bets in the state. Attempting to place a bet while underage will result in significant legal action which could include fines, jail time, driver’s license suspension, and more.

Fact checked by: Gary Garry